Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Doctors Visit and Pictures (Day 8)

Today was a very busy day for me.  I went to the mall with my mom to pick up some supplies from GNC, then I visited with both my orthodontist and oral surgeon.  The mall trip was nice and quick in the sense that we were in and out after going to two stores, but slow because it took forever for me to walk, I was a pretty slow walker.  When I visited my orthodontist they took an x-ray and Dr. V had a quick look at how things went.  He said everything looked great and that by the looks of things, there shouldn't be too much left for orthodontic work once I'm healed from surgery :)  Good news!
Finally, I visited Dr. S and took the x-ray with me.  We took the elastics off and I got to brush my teeth!  It felt so nice!!!  Except that I wasn't able to get the toothbrush in to brush the back of my teeth, but that will come, eventually, and at this point beggars can't be choosers, I'll take what I can get.  I'm allowed to take my elastics off for eating, and since there's only two elastics and they're pretty much right in the front, it shouldn't be too hard of a task, but, I haven't tried it on my own yet, so that's yet to be known.  He was pleased with how everything looked, but a little surprised with the swelling I still have.  Nothing to be concerned about, it will go away when it wants to.  He said to help with the swelling and bruising I should be applying warm moist cloths on my face frequently, and when I do this, move my jaw a bit to help get some movement back.  That was all he said with regards to exercises for my jaw.  I am able to move my jaw a fair bit already, and open it enough to get my tongue out, so he was happy so far with that.  I'm also ok'd to move onto soft foods, like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, pasta, anything I am comfortable with eating.  I was going to try the mashed potatoes tonight, but, after the long day I had, I've decided to wait til tomorrow before I jump into my new foods! After all that I was quite exhausted when we got home!

Now for the last couple of days of pictures :)

Day 5 pictures

 Day 6 pictures, I was finally able to start to kind of smile on this day :)

 Day 7, I'm not sure what the yellow on my neck is.... That's not a bruise, I didn't bruise like that.  Weird.

 Day 8 (today), I actually got dressed in real cloths today, and put on a little bit of makeup, but we forgot to take pictures until after I was already undressed. From the front the swelling doesn't look that bad, but my checks are still huge!

 This is a goofy smile....

 X-ray, well a picture of my x-ray, so the quality is alittle off.  You can he see he clear sliced my chin off and moved it!  There's only a little bolt holding it in place.  That was a little freaky to see at first, haha.  Lots of little nuts and bolts in my head now.