Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's Official!

My surgery date has been set! I've known about it since the beginning of May after visiting with the oral surgeon. It was a pretty straight forward appointment and he said everything looked great so we were able to book the next available surgery date which was.... September 24th! Two months earlier then we had originally projected:) I had to wait until yesterday to confirm with Dr. V though before it was official. The last time I saw Dr. V he made a comment that we still had a lot of work to do, but when I told him of the date we booked he said it was fine and that I would be ready to go by then! So now comes the prep, since it's less then 4 months away!!


  1. Congrats!!! I'm hoping to book my surgery for the same time, I'm just waiting for my insurance letter.

  2. That is amazing!!!!
    Our surgery dates are so close together!!
    It's going to be great being able to compare our situations.
    Please please please if you can, can you let me know how far ahead your surgeon and ortho are doing the presurgery stuff, because I'm getting so paranoid that my ortho is going to put everything off until it's too late like he did this winter. I think I'd seriously cry if my surgery got delayed again.

  3. That makes me happy to know you guys are doing it around the same time too! I think we'll need all the support we can get at that point:)

    Terra- of course I can! As of right now I've booked the pre-surgery stuff with the surgeon for September 4, so only 20 days a head of the surgery. And that's it! I thought that that stuff should have started around 4 weeks before surgery but he said the 4th would be fine. As for the ortho stuff, he didnt really say. I have my next appointment on July 11th. No one there said anything about pre surgery prep yesterday, my ortho just said something about me being in the right size wire in time for surgery. So I hope everything will be fine when September comes, I would freak if they delayed it at the last minute. I really hope that doesn't happen to you again:( your ortho really needs to get on top of what he is doing!

  4. Ahh this is so exciting! It will be here in no time! You got a date so early.

  5. You must be so excited Amy! Do you know your surgical details?

  6. They're going to be moving my upper forward and up a couple of mm and the lower forward a couple of mm, hen he's going to move my chin. I can't remember the exact measurements, but he said the upper would get moved forward more then the lower, which I thought was strange, but he said by doing the chin too there would be a huge change in my profile. Unfortunately I don't have all the exact details of what he's going to do, and now I won't see him again until a few weeks before the surgery! The other weird thing is that he has yet to see an X-ray of my face, he's just kind of eyeballed everything and said " this is what I will do" lol.

    I'm excited that it's sooner then we had initially thought and really want to get it done and over with! Lol. I'm nervous about it, but excited its booked now and all I have to do is wait:)