Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 5 & 6

I had another post written up, but it didn't save:( so I'm going to give the gist of it now.

Day 5
It was a rough day, I tried to wean of the narcotics, but I ended up causing myself a fair bit of pain. So I'm still on the drugs! It took a little while to get the drugs back in my system and start feeling better, but I'm glad I did.

Day 6
Today was much better! I woke up feeling good and had a surprising amount of visitors. I had three sets of visitors today and I was completely wiped by the end of the day, well. I was completely wiped before the end of the day, lol. But it was still a better day then yesterday.

Tomorrow is officially one week since surgery!! I'm so happy this first week is almost behind me. I see my orthodontist on Tuesday and my surgeon on Wednesday and I can't wait to get the elastics off a bit to be able to brush my teeth! My teeth are starting to get sensitive so a good brushing will definitely help. I have pictures for day 5 & 6 but I'll have to post them later.


  1. Hi Amy - I hope you're recovering well. I noticed you stopped posting at day 8. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Chloe, I'm a horrible Blogger! I fell behind with updates and then never got back to it. The first couple weeks of recovery were rough but by 4 weeks I was doing a lot better. I'm doing great now though, I hardly even think about the surgery anymore, but it turned out awesome. I'm getting my braces off in two weeks and then I'll be done with all this teeth stuff. Thanks for checking up on me:)