Friday, 28 September 2012


Frustration is hitting me today, not because of the pain, not because of the swelling, not because of the pressure, but because of my nose. The fact that I soundalike I'm drowning every time I breath on threw my nose is starting to get to me. If the pain hits me at least I know there will be relief soon in e form of medicine, the swelling and pressure are expected outcomes, but my nose just doesn't get better:( I hate getting frustrated because that makes me upset and I tend to cry, which then just leads to more pain. I'm trying my best to stay calm and not freak out about my nose, but sometimes you just can't help it. I think overall I've done a good job at staying positive so far, I just can't let these minor lapses get to me.


  1. I know it's hard!! believe me!! Lol but ya don't let that get to you. At first I started to breath like I've never breathed before! So clear. But then a few days later I got bad. Really bad. I could not breath at all through my nose. I had constant bloody drips and mucous an everything. The worst part was when it would get clumpy and there was nothin I can do about it. I had that problem without any problems like polyps n such. I'm just now starting to breath better, not good yet, n I'm 9 days post op

  2. I had really hoped that after surgery my nose would be a little better, since that's what everyone always says. It's just really disappointing that wasn't the case with me. I'm doing better now, not like great or anything, but if I can get it to stay at this level I'll be ok. I can understand why it's gotten to you so much over the past few days. I've spent some much time over the last day and a half re-reading blogs of those who've had surgery before us, just to convince myself that everything is fine, I'm on track and there's nothing to worry about!