Wednesday, 16 November 2011

First trip to the OS

Yesterday was my first meeting with Dr. S, my oral surgeon, and things did not go quite as I thought they would.  The appointment to see him was set up about a month ago by Dr. V's office and they said they would take care of getting all my x-rays to him in time for that date.  When I showed up yesterday though, we found out the x-rays had not been sent, apparently because I was supposed to call Dr. V's office with a decision of the path forward....  I'm not really sure why they still didn't send the x-rays, since, regardless of my actual decision, I still had this appointment that they set up!

Well, because of this miscommunication, we weren't able to get into specifics about what needs to be done, but I think it helped alleviate some of the worries of my parents.  They were able to ask all the questions they had about their concerns and worries and at the end they seemed a little more at ease with the whole thing.  Dr. S seems nice and has a lot of experience with this surgery, but now I won't see him again for another six months.

Regardless, tomorrow is braces!

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